After roses, carnations are the biggest export product of Colombia (in flowers). From the 7700 hectares of flowers meant for export purpose, 16.1% consists of carnations. We especially import carnations from the Bogotá savanna, the area where most growers are located. The consistent climate as well as the altitude (2.550 meter) are perfect conditions to grow the most beautiful carnations in the world.

In Colombia we work with 15 (spray) carnation growers, which we do business with for many years. The passion for their people and product is something we value very much. In total they employ over 7.000 people and have many social programs for their employees and children which contributes to the development of the country. Check our grower page to learn more.

Because of the strong bond we have with the farms we are able to react fast on a changing market or special request which is a great advantage for our customers. No matter if you are looking for the blood red Don Pedro, the snowy white Moonlight, the vintage Antiqua or maybe a colorful Komachi … at Dream Field Flowers you will find all the colors you need to add to any floral design.


In the beautiful Rionegro Valley in Medellín most of the Colombian hydrangeas are grown. Medellín, which is also called ‘la ciudad de la eterna primavera’ (city of eternal spring) has the perfect climate to grow one of the most magical flowers in the world.

We work together with 3 hydrangea growers: Flores del Este, Surandina De Flores and Monte Carlo Farms. All these family owned businesses are located in the Rionegro area and produce a high quality product year-round. Visit our grower page for more information about these beautiful farms and read some of their inspiring stories.

Colombian hydrangeas are, because they are grown in a sunny and consistent climate, a reliable product .. all year long.